Forests Are Climate Change Warriors

Welcome back to my blog! Let’s talk about forests. To understand the power of forests to sequester carbon, look no further than the yearly drop in CO2 levels from NOAA’s Mauna Loa station (graph below). Those dramatic seasonal drops are from forests absorbing gigatons of CO2 during their summer growth cycle. Our forests are doing... Continue Reading →

Felling Forests for Profit

Welcome back to my blog, and Happy Halloween! This week, I'm picking up where I left off talking about deforestation from biomass. There are lots of states that harvest trees for biomass energy and wood pellets, some of these include: Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, Oregon and California. By far, America's southern states are the key battleground forests... Continue Reading →

Clearcutting Forest Certification

Welcome back to my blog! As promised, let's talk about forest certifications for the woody biomass industry. Keep in mind, when looking at the certification agencies for the woody biomass and wood pellet industries, we have to identify those agencies that are also certifying the timber industry, which supplies the biomass industry with their "certified... Continue Reading →

The Big Green Con

Welcome to my blog! If you have an interest in global climate change, please keep reading... For those of you that don't know what biomass and biofuel is; according to, it's "organic matter, especially plant matter, that can be converted to fuel and is therefor regarded as a potential energy source." There's an entire... Continue Reading →

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