CoalSwitch: AEG’s Big Clean Energy Hoax

I’ve been researching Active Energy Group (AEG) for several years now. AEG developed a wood pellet called CoalSwitch, which it also combines with coal fines to make its SuperFuel pellet. The SuperFuel pellets are a double carbon whammy;  extracting more precious forest carbon while supporting the dirty coal industry. Both of their pellets are meant to be used as drop-in fuel for coal plants. Fortunately, U.S. media and NGOs are finally taking notice of AEG and their carbon polluting biomass pellets.

Below is a chronology of tweets I’ve posted related to AEG’s activities.





In 2018, AEG started testing their first CoalSwitch plant in Utah. “The plant is now undergoing full commissioning, following which Active Energy says it will be able the to deliver commercial quantities of what it calls its “revolutionary” CoalSwitch fuel, described as a “drop-in” biomass replacement for coal, which “can be mixed in any ratio with coal fines or completely replace coal in existing coal-fired power stations, without retrofit, globally.”



Here is more evidence of AEG’s big clean energy con. AEG partnered with Cobant, a Polish coal producer, to secure a steady supply of coal fines for its SuperFuel biomass pellets. “This is in line with the aim to produce a new “super fuel” product using CoalSwitch, produced from sawmill waste and forestry residue and combined with reclaimed and cleaned coal fines from Upper Silesia’s many coal waste dumps and processed from Cobant’s own patented coal waste reclamation technology.”





AEG signs agreement with PowerWood Canada to manage 5 million hectares of Crown Forests in Alberta. “MoU (AEG) signed to acquire a controlling interest in PowerWood Canada to secure feedstock and support the proposed roll-out of CoalSwitch™ in the Province of Alberta”

The massive 5 million hectares of boreal forest is equivalent to 19,305 square miles, which is an area larger than Vermont and New Hampshire combined. 



“The first installation will be at the plant in Lumberton, North Carolina. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. This project will make use of some equipment owned by AEG at its site in Utah. CoalSwitch facilities will then be built over the coming 36 months at each of GRP’s other biomass-to-energy power plants in Carnesville, Georgia and Colbert, Georgia, which are currently under construction. The three power plants have a combined capacity of 165 MW.”






Here is Sheila Fitzgerald, the mayor of Roddickton-Bide Arm, realizing that AEG is changing its location of their proposed pellet plant from St. Anthony to Hawke’s Bay.







On April 24, 2019, AEG announced that their CoalSwitch “Test Reactors” had arrived at their Lumberton Mill location in North Carolina. “The Lumberton Site will serve as Active Energy’s first permanent commercial production facility and the primary base for all of the Company’s United States CoalSwitch™ operations.  The transfer of all the equipment from the Company’s Utah site is targeted to be completed within 8 weeks, with closure of the Utah site expected by the end of May 2019.”





AEG starts to send CoalSwitch pellet samples to EU markets looking to phase out coal.


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